Long Night Against Procrastination!

LNAP 045TRU held its first ever Long Night Against Procrastination on March 5/6. We had 40 students registered, were expecting around 80 and got over 200!  We had staff on hand from the Library, The Writing Centre, the Counseling Office and TRU World, and even had a few faculty holding “office hours.”

We got fruit and veggie plates from CostCo, and the TRU Student Union provided coffee and cookies, but of course we quickly ran out of  fruit and cookies!  I felt that veggies were all well and good, but what those kids really needed was sugar, so I went to Great Canadian Super Store and bought as many boxes of cookies as I could carry.  The students started to mob me as I was setting them out,

I only lasted until 11:00. Unfortunately, no one took any photographs after I left, so we don’t have any pictures of the pizza at midnight or the “Survivor’s Breakfast” at 6:30 in the morning!

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