Workshop for ESL Students

ESAL (English as a Second or Additional Language) 0580 is a difficult class to teach: on the one hand, many of the students are not yet ready to read academic articles;  on the other, it’s the last ESL class that they’ll take before ENGL 1100, when they’ll be expected to write research papers using peer-reviewed articles.  So the instructor has to balance the need to meet the students where they are with the need to prepare them for what comes next.

Presenting Information Literacy instruction for ESAL 0580 is also difficult, but I’ve been doing it for four years now and have created these PowerPoint slides to help.  There are a lot of these slides, but one reason is that I am determined that the students should actually be able to read them from the back of the classroom, which means that the font is large and there is very little text on each slide.

It is important to emphasize that I do not attempt to cover all of this material in one session.  Instead, I let instructors pick and choose what the think will be most relevant to their students.  If they want it all, then they have to bring their students in for a second session.


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