Data Management

Last week I attended the True North Science Boot Camp for the first time.  This year it was hosted by UBC-O and the theme was data management.  Before going, I worked through the MANTRA online course provided by the University of Edinburgh, which I would recommend to anyone interested in data management.

I learned a lot, not least about how to manage my own research data.  Did I have a data dictionary explaining my rather cryptic data headings?  No.  Did I have any sort of metadata that would enable someone else to use and credit my data?  No.  Was my data saved in a non-proprietary format?  No.  Was my data stored in more than one place?  No again.

In other words, I had managed to make every mistake in the book, a situation which I am now in the midst of attempting to remedy.  Currently, an anonymized version of my data, plus my data dictionary and my first attempt at (human-only readable) Metadata, are available on this website, which if nothing else means that they are stored in more than one place.

They are in an XLXS file because WorldPress won’t allow me to upload files in CVS or any other non-proprietary format, which is weird, since I can’t be the only person who wants to use a WordPress account as offsite storage.

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